Tradition since 1906

Hamburger Golf-Club Falkenstein

Success across all age groups

Since its foundation in 1906, the Hamburg Golf Club has been a flagship for the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and German golf. In the club's long history, our teams have won a total of 23 times in the German Team Championships (formerly the "Club Cup of Germany", separated by gender since 2003 and called the German Golf League from 2013), and the European Club Trophy has been won five times. Individual players became German champions and international champions, were and are members of DGV teams at European and World Championships as well as selection players at continental comparisons.

Based on this tradition, the Hamburg Golf Club has set itself the goal of continuing to promote this sporting development. We support young people and competitive players who bring talent and passion for golf. To this end, the HGC offers a competitive sports culture that is unique in northern Germany. The spectrum ranges from the right training environment with state-of-the-art technical training equipment to committed and qualified coaches and administrative support.

At this point, we would like to extend a special thank to our many members of the support group, whose great commitment is a guarantee that competitive sport can continue to be so successful at the Hamburger Golf-Club.

DGL Season 2022 - The Road to our double win of the German Team Championship!


Title German Team Championship

2022 - 6:6 n.St. gegen St. Leon-Rot (men)
2022 - 5:4 gegen GC St. Leon-Rot (women)
2020 - im GC Hardenberg (men)
2018 - 6:3 gegen G&LC Berlin-Wannsee (women)
2003 - 6:6 n.St. gegen St. Leon-Rot
2001 - 7:5 gegen GC Bergisch Land
1998 - 8:4 gegen GC Hubbelrath
1988 - 6,5:5,5 gegen GC Hubbelrath
1986 - 6,5:5,5 gegen GC Hubbelrath
1984 - 9:3 gegen HH-Walddörfer
1982 - 9,5:2,5 gegen GLC Kronberg
1981 - 9,5:2,5 gegen GLC Kronberg
1980 - 7,5:4,5 gegen GC Garmisch-Patenkirchen
1979 - 8,5:3,5 gegen GC Garmisch-Patenkirchen
1978 - 1051/1073 gegen Münchener GC
1977 - 1035/1061 gegen GC Hubbelrath
1972 - 7:5 gegen Münchener GC
1969 - 8:4 gegen Münchener GC
1967 - 8,5:3,5 gegen Krefelder GC
1961 - 8,5:3,5 gegen Club zur Vahr Bremen
1960 - 9:3 gegen GK Braunschweig
1959 - 9:3 gegen Krefelder GC
1958 - 6,5:5,5 gegen GC Garmisch-Patenkirchen