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Quality management on golf courses

What is "Golf and Nature?"

In 2005, the German Golf Association (DGV) developed a management system for golf courses called "Golf and Nature", which includes the following quality and environmental aspects:

  • Nature and landscape
  • Maintenance and play operation
  • Occupational safety and environmental management
  • Public Relations and Infrastructure

Quality management aims to combine optimal conditions for golf with the greatest possible protection of nature. Golf&Nature offers the opportunity to record both the environment and the maintenance conditions within the framework of a multi-year planning process and to improve them in plannable steps.

In addition to the DGV's "Golf and Nature" programme, the Hamburg Golf Club is particularly concerned about the protection and care of the heath areas.


Depending on the extent of the measures taken and their sustainable implementation over a certain period of time, certificates are awarded in bronze, silver and gold. 

The Hamburg GC enrolled in the "Golf und Natur" programme for the first time in autumn 2006. In May 2007 the club was awarded the bronze certificate and in June 2008 the silver certificate. At the beginning of February 2009, the HGC received the gold award. With the re-audit, which is due every two years, the gold award has been confirmed to date. For Hamburg's Falkenstein GC, "Golf and Nature" means: Optimal playing quality, protection of resources, contemporary environmental management and legal security combined in a systematic concept.


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